Sinotruk Howo Truck Parts AZ9231330990 Middle Axle Housing

Product Description of sinotruk howo truck parts AZ9231330990 first axle housing

 sinotruk howo truck parts AZ9231330990 first axle housing

 Application SINOTRUK series parts used for all series trucks in HOWO&  HOWO A7
Part No. AZ9231330990 
NameAZ9231330990 first axle housing

Packaging & Shipping:


 Packaging Factory Package
 Shipping From Qingdao by railway or by sea
 Packaging Details At customer’s require
POSNumber of partQuantityStandard specificationDesignation
1AZ92313309901 First axle housing
2Q52110161 Pin
3190003962021 1 Screw
4WG92313300151 Magnet plug
5Q723361 Gasket
6190003989290 1 Croe plug
7WG92313301051 Breather
8WG92313301061 Hosepipe
9Q151C1230TF212 Screw
10Q4031216 Washer
11190003810631 4 Stud
12190003888457 4 Nut
13WG2297Y48351 Nameplate
14190003904529 2 Screw
15WG90143301261 Lever
161680M 3200151 O-ring
17WG91123300161 Pin
18WG92313308081 Pin
19WG92313308091 Pin
20Q437051 Snap ring
21Q1200850F31 Stud
22WG610000600841 Sleeve
23Q401081 Washer
24Q332081 Nut
25WG92313409441 Bracket

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