Turner Online No Urea Burning Tennac

There are thousands of roads, safety is the first. If the tail gas does not meet the standard, the driver will cry. With the continuous development of society, everyone’s awareness of environmental protection is gradually strengthened. With the frequent introduction of environmental protection policies and the national focus on environmental protection, diesel vehicles, as a major polluter, are the focus of motor vehicle emission control. If there are problems, they must be repaired in time.

Model: Jiefang “small J6”

Emission: Guosi

Post treatment: tennac 1.5 generation

Fault phenomenon: the emission is not up to standard

The owner reported that the car had not added urea for nearly a year, and the exhaust gas did not meet the standard during the annual inspection. He requested that the urea system be repaired.

The car is equipped with “tennac” generation 1.5 urea system. The nozzle uses urea solution for heat dissipation, and the pump motor is a vulnerable part. When the motor is damaged, the urea pressure cannot be established, and the nozzle is damaged synchronously due to no urea heat dissipation.

Through C80 detection, the functional fault code of urea pressure sensor can be read.

Start the engine and read the urea pressure data, which is always displayed as 0, and the urea pump cannot build pressure. Remove the B80 test on the connection between the urea pump and the nozzle, the motor does not run, and the pump motor needs to be replaced.