Catalogs, Use It RIGHT.

Commonly, when need to buy some parts for replacement, you need a catalog to look up parts numbers.   For example, you have a HW19710 gearbox to repair, and you have a catalog of HW19710 in hand. In this catalog, part number of mainshaft is WG2203040009, so you inform your supplier this number, and wait its delivery?

No, unfortunately, it’s not the way to buy SINOTRUK parts by using catalogs.
Reason: unlike those developed brands of models, like VOLVO, MAN, IVECO, the products of SINOTRUK is still evolving. Engines, gearboxes and suspension mostly, have been improved among these years. So, a HW19710 gearbox of 2013 may be different from it of 2012, and also maybe different of another HW19710 of 2013. Yes, same year, same model, have difference inside.  

And catalogs, will not show these diference. Usually there is one set of catalog for one model, and never be modified along with improvement of this model. So, catalogs are not accurate, and mostly 80% accuracy. 

 Luckily, all authorized dealers of SINOTRUK parts in China have the access to SINOTRUK database, so all problems could be solved.

If you work in a workshop:

You have to be sure that the numbers from nameplate is right, this is important to make others right. See below:

If you are a truck fleet owner:

Separate different trucks with different slides or even documents if necessary, but the accurate chassis numbers
would be definite necessary.

If you are a distributor:

Catalogs will be also useful to you. Because for each model of engine, gearbox, cabin and axle, 80% of parts will be the same regardless of improvement.  
However, we believe a mixed method that includes catalogs, your experience and parts numbers provided by your customers, would be the best way. 

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