Connectors & Joints on Howo Truck

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Voss Connectors for Howo Trucks

SerialHowo P/NVOSS P/NName in English
1WG9000361001 0062179900Elastic element/rubber gasket NG6
2WG9000361002 0062169000Circlip NG6
3WG9000361003 0062189900Nut seat NG6
4WG9000361004 0062049900Elastic element/rubber gasket NG8
5WG9000361005 0062009000Circlip NG8
6WG9000361006 0062029900Nut seat NG8
7WG9000361007 0062059900Elastic element/rubber gasket NG12
8WG9000361008 0062019000Circlip NG12
9WG9000361009 0062039900Nut seat NG12
10WG9000361010 5203111400Block M10X1
11WG9000361011 0063029900Block NG8-M16X1.5
12WG9000361012 0062879900Block NG12-M22X1.5
13WG9000361013 0081047500Hexagon thin nut M16X1.5
14WG9000361014 0081067500Hexagon thin nut M18X1.5
15WG9000361015 0081117500Hexagon Thin Nut M22X1.5
16WG9000361016 0085565000Support washer/pressure ring M22X1.5
17WG9000361017 0900469970O-ring 20.3X2.4
18WG9000361018 0004007600Tube nut L6
19WG9000361019 0024009900Bamboo insert NW4/L6
20WG9000361020 0004057600Tube nut L8
21WG9000361021 0024019900Bamboo insert NW6/L8
22WG9000361022 0004157600Tube nut L12
23WG9000361023 0024049900Bamboo insert NW9/L12
24WG90003610240226315052Transition joint assembly M10X1/NG6
25WG90003610250226165052Transition joint assembly M12X1.5/NG6
26WG9000361026 0226665052Transition joint assembly M16X1.5/NG8
27WG9000361027 0024019906Transition joint assembly M22X1.5/NG12
28WG9000361028 0062537552Transition nut M22X1.5/M16X1.5
29WG9000361029 0826665000Transition joint M16X1.5/NG8
30WG9000361030 0826675000Transition joint M16X1.5/NG12
31WG9000361031 0827865000Transition joint M22X1.5/NG12
32WG9000361032 0900109970O-ring 13X2
33WG9000361033 0900579970O-ring 14X2.5
34WG90003610340900919970O-ring 19X2.5
35WG90003610350085937500Hexagonal sealing nut M10X1
36WG9000361036 0900069970O-ring
37WG9000361101 0230049000Straight joint body NG12/NW9
38WG9000361102 0062209900Double ends straight through M22X1.5
39WG9000361104 0230035000Straight joint body NG12/NW6
40WG9000361105 0230627500Straight through plate joint body
41WG9000361106 0230015000Straight joint body NG8/NW6
42WG9000361107 0227825000Straight joint body NG6/NW4
43WG9000361108 0230155000Through the next door connector body
44WG9000361109 0230005000Straight joint body NG8/NW4
45WG90003611100229915000Straight joint body NG12/NW12
46WG90003611110230195000Straight through the next wall joint body 2-NG6/M16X1.5
47WG9000361114 0265857570Straight through the board M22X1.5/M16X1.5 (M16
End pressure nut and O-ring) 
48WG9000361115 0024645000Straight joint body 2-NW4
49WG9000361116 0024725000Straight joint body 2-NW6
50WG9000361117 0024775000Straight joint body 2-NW9
51WG9000361118 0025555000Straight joint body 2-NW12
52WG9000361140 1164037500Straight threaded connector M10x1 (with DKO nut)
53WG90003612010230115000Right angle connector body NG8/NW6
54WG90003612020230135000Right-angle joint body NG12/NW6
55WG9000361203 0230185000Right-angle joint body NG12/NW12
56WG9000361204 0230149000Right-angle joint body NG12/NW9
57WG9000361205 0852267500Card sleeve end right-angle joint body M22X1.5/M18X1.5
58WG9000361206 0024895000Right-angle joint body 2-NW9
59WG9000361207 0227815000Right-angle joint body NG6/NW4
60WG9000361208264555000Combined right-angle joint body assembly NW9/L12
61WG9000361301229205000L-shaped three-way connector body NG12/NW12/M12X1.5
62WG9000361302 0230545000T-type three-way connector body NW9/NG12/NW6
63WG9000361303 0230539000T-shaped three-way connector body 2-NW9/NG12
64WG9000361304 0227665000L-shaped tee joint body NG12/2-NW6
65WG9000361305 0229725000L-shaped tee joint body NG12/2-NW9
66WG9000361306226729049T-type three-way joint body
67WG9000361307229965000L-shaped tee joint body NG8/M12X1.5/NW6
68WG9000361308 0231045000L-shaped tee joint body NG6/2-NW4
69WG9000361309 0230585000T-shaped three-way connector body 2-NW4/NG12
70WG9000361310 0023939000T-shaped three-way joint body 3-NW9
71WG9000361311 0853577500Card sleeve type three-way joint body M12X1.5/M22X1.5/M18X1.5
72WG9000361312227655000L-shaped tee joint body NG8/2-NW6
73WG9000361313227685000L-shaped tee joint body NG12/NW9/NW6
74WG9000361314 0229325000L-shaped three-pass crossover joint assembly 2-NG12/M22X1.5
75WG9000361315 0853547500Card sleeve type tee joint body 2-M18X1.5/M22X1.5
76WG9000361316 0023895000T-shaped three-way joint body 3-NW4
77WG9000361317 0023915000T-shaped three-way joint body 3-NW6
78WG9000361318 0230805000L-shaped tee joint body NG12/NW6/M12x1.5
79WG900036131923955000T-shaped three-way connector body 2-NW9/NW6
80WG9000361320229895000T-shaped three-way connector body NW12/NG12/NW9
81Wg9000361321 0026645000T-shaped three-way connector body NW6/M12x1.5/NW6
82WG9000361322 0227695000L-shaped tee joint body NG12/NW6/NW9
83WG9000361323 0023855000L-shaped tee joint body NW6/NW9/NW9
84WG9000361401 0268305000Pressure test joint assembly
85WG9000361402258255000Drain valve
86WG9000361403232069000Combination pedal bracket board joint NG8/NW6/135°
87WG9000361404 0232059000Auxiliary gas module NG12/6-NG8
88WG9000361405 0230225000Cross cross connector body 2-NG6/M10X1/L6
89WG9000361406 0233529000T-type connector body NG12/NW9/with test connector
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