When The Truck Engine "Flying" How Should Be Serviced Engine?

How Should Be Serviced Engine

How do I Serviced Engine?

  1. Check the amount and viscosity of governor lubricant. Release the excess lubricant and replace it with a lubricant of suitable viscosity.
  2. Check whether the oil volume adjustment lever is stuck or loose. Serviced Engine.Wiggle the oil volume adjustment tie rod by hand whether it is stuck, if stuck available tools to pry the oil volume adjustment tie rod, so that its activities; In addition, check the oil volume adjustment tie rod and governor pull plate coupling is disconnected, disconnected should be reconnected reliable.
  3. Belongs to the governor high-speed limit screw improperly adjusted, should be debugged on the injection pump calibration bench.

Fault response measures(Serviced Engine)

  1. The engine has a decompression device, you can immediately decompression manipulation handle to the decompression effect position.
  2. While the car is running, put the transmission into high speed gear, slowly release the clutch pedal and force the engine to shut down.
  3. Ttake decisive and rapid measures to cut off the high-pressure oil supply or block the air inlet with clothes, etc.
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