SINOTRUK 2017 Business Conference Will Be Hold On January 6,2017

SINOTRUK 2017 Business Conference Will Be Hold On January 6,2017

SINOTRUK 2017 Business Conference Will Be Hold on January 6,2017

With the theme “transformation and upgrading to lead the future” SINOTRUK 2017 Business Conference will be held in Jinan on January 6, 2017. SINOTRUK  invites the majority of dealers, partners to Jinan(SINOTRUK HOME ) and work together to create a new chapter in 2017.

Let us look ahead the new product of the SINOTRUK 2017 Business Conference

HOWO T7H 6 × 4  Tractor Truck B version – highway star

Technology From the European country, beautiful atmosphere, luxurious comfort, male spirit, make it to be the truck famous star in China market.SINOTRUK bring in a comprehensive vehicle technology from Germany MAN company for the domestic customers customized special  model T7H / 6 × 4 tractor truck

 Good  Appearance, and with “seven surpassed point “!

1, High load – load design, chassis weight lighter (up to 8.1 tons), saddle height as low as 1210mm,

2, Super-reliable – engine B10 with a life of 1.5 million kilometers, and synchronizing the global parts supply system with Germany MAN company, the product was released completely with German standard.

3, Ultra-low fuel consumption – low cab design + adjustable large airflow to achieve the minimum fuel consumption. XXX Longkou logistics company, the total cargo weight 49 tons, speed 80-90km / h, fuel consumption 30-31L / 100 km, be worthy of comparison to imported trucks.

4, Ultra-high aging – large horsepower + small ratio (2.85), the maximum speed of reached 110km / h, which make the domestic heavy truck hard to catch up. High-intensity continuous operation capability, continuous operation mileage of more than 1000 km/day. Beijing Tuopuwang logistics company, from Beijing to Urumqi, 3300 km, 48 hours to reach, daily mileage is more than 1,500 km.

5, Super security – Cab collision indicators meet the most stringent Swedish standards, the standard engine exhaust valve brake EVB.

6, Super comfortable – high floor with high top width (1.9 meters high interior space) + wide sleeper 960mm + four-point airbag suspension cab + airbag seat, giving you unparalleled driving experience.

7, Superintelligence – “Intelligent SINOTRUK, Controlled by me”, SINOTRUK  intelligent communication system is a vehicle networking technology in the successful application of MAN products, users can achieve vehicle operation information management.

The main parameters of the truck

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