The Most Common Method Steyr Engine Noise Auscultation Method

The Most Common Method Steyr Engine Noise Auscultation Method

Engine noise auscultation is the most simple and convenient to determine the engine failure, the most commonly used a method. It does not need to disassemble the engine, just with the human ear or simple tools that can determine the technical condition of the engine is good or bad. The following Steyr car engine as an example of how to use the auscultation method to determine the engine failure.

1.The use of temperature changes to diagnose foreign noise.

Some with the coefficient of thermal expansion is larger, the noise and the engine temperature, such as piston pin knocking cylinder sound, piston pin impact sound in the low temperature, the high temperature will weaken or disappear. The piston pin round over low, piston ring gap is too small, etc. caused by the noise in the temperature after the rise, the temperature will be weakened or disappear. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the small fit vice such as crankshaft connecting rod bearings, valves and other engine temperature.

2.Use the engine speed change to diagnose the strange noise.

 Many noise and engine speed has a lot to do with. Some reverberations in the rapid acceleration, such as crankshaft main bearing ring, connecting rod bearing ring. Some reverberations are obvious when the engine accelerates sharply, such as piston pin bushing loose, crankshaft fracture caused by the reverberation. There are also reverberations in low-speed operation, when the speed is increased that weaken or disappear. Such as piston knocking cylinder, piston pin ring, valve tappet ring. Therefore, the relationship between these noises and the change in speed can be judged.

3.The use of engine load changes to diagnose the noise.

Engine operation in many noise and engine load, so you can diagnose such noise according to the load changes. Commonly used single-cylinder fire break method or neighboring cylinder fire break method to determine, such as piston knocking cylinder sound, connecting rod bearing loose together with the noise. When the cylinder break fire, the noise will be weakened or disappear. And the piston pin bronze sleeve loosening caused by the noise in the cylinder will be aggravated by the fire. Another example is the crankshaft bearing loose caused by the noise in the adjacent cylinder at the same time when the fire will weaken or disappear. In addition, there are some individual noises not related to load, such as valve noises, camshaft bearing noises and timing gear noises. Usually our Steyr cars are overloaded in driving, we can diagnose by this method.

4.the use of reverberant tone height and strength of the diagnosis of reverberation

Engine in the work of different parts, different parts and different conditions reverberation of the sound source generated by the vibration is different, and thus the reverberation in the tone, pitch, audio, sound intensity, the location are different. Use the characteristics and laws of these reverberations, in certain diagnostic conditions can be diagnosed engine reverberations. This method requires a long time of experience, but also with other methods to confirm.

5.Use the sound quality and rhythm of the reverberation to diagnose the reverberation.

Rhythmic sound: piston pin ring is very sharp, crisp, high pitch and obvious metal knocking sound, is a double sound, and there are light and heavy; crankshaft bearing sound occurs in the lower part of the cylinder block, issued by the heavy, solid and with dull sub and accompanied by vibration of the sound, and the greater the engine load, the more obvious the sound, the faster the speed, the louder the sound.

6.using the engine work cycle to diagnose the noise.

The engine bodies produce strange sound, sometimes with the engine work cycle has obvious links, such as the piston and cylinder wall clearance caused by excessive knocking sound. Most of the engine accessories caused by the failure of the noise has nothing to do with the work cycle, generally for the clearance of the sound, such as air compressor, generator, crankshaft drive pulley, water pump, generator and other damage caused by the knocking sound.

7.the use of fire break method to diagnose the noise parts.

Fire is to stop the work of the test cylinder, lift the cylinder load. This will make the relevant parts of the non-working cylinders to reduce the mutual impact, the noise will be reduced or even disappear.

8.Use ignition advance or delay to diagnose the strange noise.

Because ignition advance or delay reacts to the crank linkage mechanism noise, but not to the valve train rattle, using this practice is helpful to diagnose the crank linkage mechanism noise.

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