Truck Fault Repair Case Of Steering Wheel Oscillation Problem When Braking

In recent years, double steering front axle truck with good regulatory adaptability, the vehicle itself light weight reasonable axle load distribution, the market is favored by users; However, due to the truck manufacturers research, raw technology, and supporting chain is uneven, resulting in the market double steering front axle truck appears a lot of service stations, repair shops difficult to solve the problem. Face on 1 example.

Failure phenomenon

Many double-steering front axle trucks, dump trucks, tractor-trailers often have the same fault: when the speed exceeds 45km / h, the normal pedal, the steering wheel appears 2 ~ 4Hz swing back and forth, the driver can not effectively control the steering wheel, the braking effect is poor. Such failures significantly reduce the safety and comfort of the vehicle. After the user replaces the wheel hub, rim, brake, brake shoes and other components, the fault still exists.

Failure Analysis

  New car for the first chassis secondary maintenance, the front wheel hubs after disassembly operation, the steering wheel oscillation frequency is the highest when braking. Through the instrumentation, the fault vehicle, its front wheel hubs are the magnitude of “out of round”. The results show that the double steering front axle truck braking steering wheel swing due to hub “out of round” caused.   With wheel cutting equipment, the wheel valley for “out of round” repair, the wheel, rim, tire reloading, the fault still exists. Then the wheel was removed for testing, and the wheel was “out of round” again. The results show that the wheel hub alone for “out of round” repair, energy efficiency to solve the dual steering front axle truck braking steering wheel swing problem.  Continue to analyze the reason: every time the repaired hub is loaded, the “out-of-round” occurs again, and only one process has been carried out during this period, namely the rim screw tightening operation. Finally, it was confirmed that the single repaired wheel hub would be engaged with the rim through the strong pulling force of the rim screw, which would lead to local deformation again, resulting in “out of round”, and the steering wheel would still oscillate when braking. Body


First, the wheel rim is engaged and tightened, and wheel cutting equipment is installed for “out-of-round” repair to avoid the wheel rim re-tightening process. The steering wheel oscillation phenomenon disappeared when braking.

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