XCMG bauma China 2016

On November 22, the Shanghai Bauma Show opened. As China’s largest, product variety and series of the most complete, most competitive and influential professional supplier of construction machinery, XCMG with the latest technological achievements and a strong product lines showing at the exhibition. This BMW exhibition XCMG booth  takes area of ​​5,192 square meters.

XCMG 45 boutique, the most eye-catching “Mining Hero” 400 tons excavator, 240 tons electric drive dump truck and the world’s first XCWT30 wheel dual-use concept crane, XCD300 new concept traction wheeled crane; heavy The introduction of a comprehensive integration of the German technology HB67K pump and other new generation of complete sets of concrete machinery and upgraded version of 12 tons of loaders, the largest domestic 39 tons of roller, the domestic first pulse synchronous sprinkler paver, the most technologically advanced, XGTL750 boom tower crane and intelligent city muck truck, etc .; The totally brand new products are container side cranes, construction lifts, tunnel boring machines, deep drilling rigs, mortar pumps, etc .; and focus on the introduction of MYF130 new electronic control variable speed Box, R70T reducer, a series of excavator cylinder and load-sensitive valve 41 sets of key components. Has been mass-equipment of the global market of 1,000-ton all-terrain cranes, 4,000-ton crawler cranes, although not was showing at the exhibition, continued to attract global attention.

XCMG  mobile crane China engineering crane industry ranks first for 10 years , the domestic  machinery market share is nearly 60%, and mobile cranes ranked first in the world  for many years, XCMG machinery exports more than 70 countries and regions. The exhibition of products,XCMG  continue to lead the industry’s technical level. XCA450 is the industry lifting performance, the highest efficiency of the industry-wide all-terrain crane, disassembly transfer efficiency of the industry-leading 20%. XCD300 is the world’s first new concept traction wheel crane, original design five-axis semi-trailer chassis, traction, dual-drive and pure hydraulic drive three kinds of transition mode. XCWT30 XCMG is the world’s first dual wheel concept wheel. The product set combines the control room with the driver’s cab, the wheel fast switching technology, the intelligent crane boom technology, and the wireless remote control. The machine is comfortable, safe, efficient and adaptable to the site. The XCT55 is the industry’s first 50-tonne, six-section arm with the highest energy efficiency and highest operating performance, using natural gas engines, energy recovery from hydraulic hybrid cranes and new energy-saving hydraulic systems. XGC260 is the representative model of XGC series “XGC” series crawler crane.

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